Leave Your Hat at Home

KGW (Portland, OR) Via NBC

This Wednesday marks the Opening Day of the Del Mar Thoroughbred Race Club season. The grounds are being transformed from County Fair-tastic to horse racing-ready.  People are getting themselves prepared too.  After all, some of the fun on opening day is looking at the fabulous fashions.

This year the gift shop opened a second location on the first floor of the clubhouse.  Like the one on the Paddock side, it sells a little bit of everything.  From clothes to handbags, kids toys to jewelry (new this year), the gift shop has it all.  And if you just don't have time to buy a hat before you hit Del Mar, don't worry about it.

"We have fashion hats for women.  Fedoras and other hats for men.  Ball-caps.  Anything you want," said Director of Retail Operations, Liz Robertson.

Robertson says whether you want to spend $5 or $500, everyone should be able to walk away with a token for their time at Del Mar.  In fact, because of the rough economy, the gift shop has also lowered the price of their collector's shirt. 

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