Lean, Green, Fashion Machine

Green fashion doesn’t have to mean hemp and recycled burlap sacks anymore.

Any fashionable girl seeking earth-friendly options can have their organic cake and eat it too from EcoStiletto.com while hitting one of the hottest downtown nightclubs.

Many women shy away from buying clothes online because a beautiful piece on the rack may not look so beautiful when it's tried on. Lucky for you, if you’re interested in checking out EcoStiletto’s wares and couldn’t stand the thought of wasting all kinds of energy on the computer, make your way to Stingaree for the launch party on Thursday from 7 - 9p.m. (Riding your bike in pumps is not recommended.)

Best of all, EcoStiletto.com will be giving away sustainable fashion and there will be tons of yummy organic munchies and beverages. And what girl doesn’t love that?

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