Last Call at Louie's

The first on-campus bar in the California State University system will soon serve its last beer.

Louie's Suds & Sun in San Diego State University's Aztec Center is slated to shut its doors next summer to make way for a large-scale refurbishment of the student union.

"Louie's Suds and Sun" in the Aztec center is scheduled to shut down next summer to make way for a larger student union.

Bar owner Louie Holton say he's frustrated that his lease will not be renewed after the revamp. University officials say Holton can submit a proposal to be part of the new center. They say that the closure is not part of an effort to address the university's image as a "party school".

" I think that it's disappointing because it's a nice place to go to kind of relax, do your homework, and have a beer," SDSU student Amanda Brackrog said.

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