Just for Men

From sharp-dressed men to laid-back lads, these San Diego stores have guy style covered.


RUF-ED UP: Not every man will succumb to his desires for designer jeans, stylized briefs and nautical-inspired clothing. If you're one of those men, however, take a peek at the brand new Rufskin store in North Park. There, you'll find a collection of trim-fit tops, stitched denim and leather "French Sailor" hats for around $30-$150 each.

BUTTONED DOWN: For the man with more distinguished taste, Patrick James in Del Mar takes care to provide the best in men's sportswear and customer service. The downstairs holds long and short-sleeved casual shirts by Tommy Bahama and Nat Nast, while the upstairs is lined with sports coats and private label suits. Alterations are included with each purchase and staff are anxious to help you find the cut and color that you are looking for. While you're there, check out their generously stocked 50% off shelves for great deals on shirts and sweaters.

ON THE NOSE: If beaches, hodads and surf style are more your thing, Toes on the Nose surfwear is hosting Tiki Oasis 2009 this Thursday through Sunday at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Mission Valley. Along with a variety of classic surf music, art, vendors and social fare, Toes on the Nose will be selling their limited edition "Shag for Toes" collection with pieces priced at $68-$110 each.

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