Julian’s Juicy: Apple Days Festival

Ready to pie it up, fruit fans?

Julian Chamber of Commerce

FLAKEY, PLAIN, OR DUMPLING? We mean... just. We don't want to be that person, but, really, if we think about it, we're all that person when faced with the deep and important matter of pie choosing. We're all the sorts of folks who queue up in a famous pie shop, say, like Mom's Pies of Julian, and stand there with their eyes wide, and mouth on the hangy side, gaping at the menu as the kind and patient employee asks us for our order, and then asks again. We know what we want, when we line up -- straight-up apple pie, of course, the classic -- but then we see alllll of the other apple-y choices. Apple Caramel Crumb Pie, Apple Cherry Flakey Pie, Apple Dumpling. It's always a delightful challenge landing on what apple-y goodie you'll happily gorge upon for the next fifteen minutes, but consider how that challenge grows ever more delightful during Julian's Apple Days Festival. It's an autumn-welcomer, typically happening around the start of October, and the seed-middled, stem-topped fruit favorite is seen and baked and considered and consumed, again and again, over the weekend. So, if we're all that person, the person who can't choose between the apple flakey pie and the dumpling, we best prepare for a full-on fruit-tastic onslaught.

AND THAT APPLE ONSLAUGHT... happens on Saturday, Oct. 4 and Sunday, Oct. 5. It isn't all about the pies, though they play a large part: "apple displays, music and dancing, an antique tractor display, children's games and activities, gold panning demonstrations, a beer and wine garden..." and food and contests round it out. But, please: Come ready to pie it up in all the flakey, cheddar-topped, milk-complementing ways. It's a homespun and whimsical weekend, complete with the choosing of Mr. and Mrs. Apple Days, so if your fall needs a fast jumpstart, we couldn't pick a better town or time. Now if only we could order faster when queued up at the pie shop... Nah, that'll never happen. Too. Many. Juicy. Choices.

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