Julian Apple Days Festival: Pie It Up

Ready to jump into a pie-eating contest at this classic autumn fair?

PIE-EATING PRACTICE: We all regularly commit to burnishing our skills in multiple areas in this life, but rarely do we put in a few hours of practice ahead of a showdown involving the quick, messy, cheek-sticky consumption of pastry. That's likely because we know we'll probably do a pretty good job, seeing as how we've devoured pastry products pretty handily, and speedily in the past. This is all to say that you won't need to take off a day of work to hone your pie-eating talents ahead of the 2017 Julian Apple Days Festival, but you might commit to some positive visualization, at the very least, to make sure your head is in the gooey game. Because once you sit down to a famous apple pie, the kind of goodie that's synonymous with the charming mountain town? Your former pastry-inhaling skills may be compromised by the deliciousness of it all. What won't be comprised on...

SATURDAY, SEPT. 23 AND SUNDAY, SEPT. 24... is the joy that apple aficionados, and lovers of the fall season, will find in Julian. Pie-eating contests are just the beginning, if that's where you choose to begin. But consider that gold-panning activities, kid-cute games, a beer & wine garden, the admiring of antique tractors, and other old-timey to-dos will flower around town (flower like so many buds on an apple tree). Admission is five bucks, children under the age of 5 are admitted for free, and, yes, you can buy apple pie and eat it slowly, if that's your pastry preference. Menghini Winery is the location, and if you're early, as in one of the first 250 paid-admission people "through the gate"? Oh yeah: You're going home with a gratis pie server. And no one should ever pretend that "pie at home" isn't a thing in their worlds, because having something apple-y to nosh on, during after-dinner TV time, is one of the true gifts of fall. Or any day of the year, really. Honesty is best.

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