Judge: Bail Excessive for Coach Coke Charges

Bail was reduced to $50,000 Thursday for a Westview High School lacrosse coach and his fiancée, who are accused of selling cocaine and child endangerment.

Edward John Jeziorski, 31, and Brandi Rochelle Linn, 30, both pleaded not guilty on Monday.

After a brief hearing Thursday, Judge David Szumowski reduced Jeziorski's bail from $200,000 and Linn's from $100,000.

The judge said selling drugs is dangerous, but determined their bail was excessive.

Jeziorski coached lacrosse at Westview High School in Torrey Highlands. Prosecutors said no students were involved in the case.

Investigators said Jeziorski sold cocaine on two separate occasions. The second incident occurred on May 7.

Police said an undercover detective bought a quarter-ounce of cocaine for $650. Officers had a search warrant and found other drugs and paraphernalia inside the couple's apartment.

"Inside the home, they found some 20 grams of cocaine, other indications of sale, including packaging, scales with residue and other materials," Deputy District attorney Michael Zachry said.

Also inside the couple's apartment was their 2-year-old son.

"We believe the 2-year-old had access to the area where the narcotics were kept," Zachry said.

Poway Unified School District officials said Jeziorski was a walk-on coach this year. They also said he passed a drug test and fingerprint background.

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