It's Over For Chargers

Forget Math ... The Bolts are Toast

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, especially around the holidays.  But the sooner Chargers fans come to grips with the fact that the season is over, the better.

Nothing can save the Bolts' 2008 campaign from ending in disaster (not even Neo from The Matrix).  They're 4-7.  They can't win close games.  They can't run the football.  Their quarterback is prone to making errors at very bad times.  Worst of all, their head coach is not a leader.  At times like these, a team needs someone to guide it through the storm.  The Colts started 3-4, but they have Tony Dungy, who has a quiet confidence that players feed off.  The Patriots lost Tom Brady, but they have Bill Belichick, who is a no nonsense son of a bad word that players don't want to let down.  The Chargers are now 4-7, and they have Norv Turner, who has a losing record as an NFL head coach and usually looks constipated.

I know, the Broncos aren't running away with the division.  But Mike Shanahan is not going to let them give it away, either.  At 8-8, Denver could still win the AFC West by two games.  The Chargers only trail the Broncos by two games with five to play, so technically the home team can still take the division.  That means the Chargers have to go 4-1 to finish the season while Denver goes 2-3.  Honesty, are either one of those things going to happen?  Let me answer that for you.  No.

Here's the really sad thing.  Norv will be back next year.  With the first pick in the 2010 NFL Draft, the San Diego Chargers select .......

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