It’s a Worldwide Pillow Fight

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A city-wide pillow fight might just be one more thing to check off your bucket list.

Victoria Leyva wants everyone to prepare their pillows for what she called San Diego’s first pillow fight event as part of International Pillow Fight Day. 

Leyva, 17, is one of many who have organized events all over the world in support of The Urban Playground Movement, planning free non-commercial public events for people of all ages.
From pillow fights near the Eiffel Tower to subway parties and clubbing events in a London train station, The Urban Playground Movement hopes to create a global community of social participants.
San Diegans are invited to join the fun in front of the Horton Plaza fountain in downtown San Diego this Saturday at 6 p.m.
A Facebook group for the event offers details and rules of the game.
In addition to fair fighting, Victoria asks that everyone pick up a piece of trash at the end of the event so that the city keeps the event alive.
With over 5,300 confirmed guests and hundreds of comments dating back to January, this might just be too big to miss!

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