It Takes MegaBucks to Win the GOP Nomination

Let's do the math like it was a legislative resolution.

WHEREAS there are 17 million registered voters in California.

and WHEREAS only about 20% of them bothered to show up to vote in the primary

and WHEREAS only about 49% voted in the Republican primary

and WHEREAS about 1.7 million GOP voters were cast

and WHEREAS about 1.1 million votes were cast for Meg Whitman

be it RESOLVED that Whitman, the winner of the GOP Republican Gubernatorial Primary, spent about $74 per vote (more or less).

The exact figure isn't as important as the simple fact that having virtually unlimited funds shouldn't be a pre-requisite for running for statewide office.   Not that we're saying Meg is or isn't the best choice to be governor, but we simply want to point out that money is the means to get your message and your name out to the greatest number of voters.    And just because you have the loudest voice doesn't make your ideas better than anyone elses.

So WHEREAS this stuff is important, and your voice should be heard, we can only hope California voters RESOLVE to take a greater part in the general election, do a little research and vote for the candidate you think will do a better job of running our state and our country, regardless of how much money they spent.

By the way, this message was not endorsed by your local California television stations, who love the fact that politicians spent a fortune on this election, and are looking forward to even more political spending over the next 5 months.

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