‘It Just Sounded Like an Explosion'

Today's elderly-driver-plows-into-store story is brought to us from Clairemont, where, fortunately, nobody was hurt.

Firefighters and police officers went out to the strip mall in the 5500 block of Clairemont Mesa Boulevard Thursday morning after the man drove his white pickup over the sidewalk and into Comfort Wide Shoes.

David Dorian, who was working next door at the the Mail Bank when the crash occurred, said "it sounded like an explosion."

"I didn't know what to think, because -- it definitely sounded like a collision, but not two cars together, so I just ran out, saw the truck backing out from the building," Dorian said. "I first thought it may have been a robbery attempt, but I can't imagine why, and then I realized what had happened. It was just a total mistake, but nobody's hurt, so everything will get fixed, and we'll be all right."

Police interviewed the driver after the crash.

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