Is This How the Geezer Bandit Does It?


Local law-enforcement officials may want to take a look at a photo from a strange incident thousands of miles from San Diego.

This week, Canadian border authorities released before and after photos of a man in his early 20s who boarded a flight in Hong Kong disguised as an elderly man. The catch, officials said, was that had "young looking hands." During the flight, he went to the restroom, took off the disguise and came out looking like a man in his 20s.

The disguise photo appears to look a lot like the infamous Geezer Bandit who is wanted for 11 holdups in San Diego and Riverside counties. That could possibly mean the Geezer Bandit could be anyone with a good disguise.

Private investigator Graham McGruer said in June that he believes the Geezer Bandit is definitely using a disguise, which allows him to blend into the environment.

"Police are trained to look for what doesn't fit, but this guy looks like he fits," McGruer said.

Makeup artist Doris Lew Jensen said in June that wasn't positive that the Geezer Bandit used a disguise but said some things in the security camera pictures look odd. She believes his face looks like an 80-year-old's but that his body looks younger, leading to the possibility of a good acting job.

"Just like Brad Pitt in 'Benjamin Button' -- that was incredible," Lew Jensen said. "The makeup looked great, and if you didn't know otherwise, he looked like he was the real McCoy. So absolutely it can be done."

Lew Jensen said the process of putting on realistic makeup could take hours and would likely require the help of another person. The process can also be costly.

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