In Search of the 120

With temperatures around San Diego near the 100-degree mark, this may be a good opportunity to be able to say you spent your day at a temperature seldom seen in America outside Death Valley.

A quick call to one of the handful of Borrego resorts found a really cool room at a really reasonable price, $80 and it included a giant swimming pool and plenty of solitude. It's called The Palms at Indian Head; a unique property located on the site of Borrego Springs first resort.  It's retro with an architectural style dating back to the 50s, kind of "Frank Lloyd Wright-ish".

The original hotel, which opened in 1947, burned to the ground a few years later.  All that was left was the "super-sized" pool and a dozen or so palm trees.  The next owners and those who followed, rebuilt with the same style in mind, and have maintained it that way ever since. The Palms is a lot like some of the old hotels you'll find in Palm Springs, and, indeed, it was some of Hollywood's biggest stars who were the property's biggest fans in those early years.

However, the one thing that makes this property unique, makes it standout from any other hotel you've likely ever stayed at, is the pool.  It's gorgeous, bigger than an swimming pool and much more picturesque.  It may not have the water slides or waterfalls you'll find at some of the Las Vegas resorts but it has more character and this time of year, you have it pretty much to yourself.

For more on The Palms, click here:  By the way, Saturday's high fell a little short, topping out at 117.  The record, in case you were wondering, is 121 degrees.

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