In A Pickle

A short lesson on advertising, inspired by a giant vegetable holding a sign

The noshings offered at Spicy Pickle (303 Beech Street) are delish. The pizzetis and paninis, the subs and soups—all are served with a trademark spiced pickle.

So what, you ask?

Yesterday, I drove by the corner of Front and Beech and passed a six-foot-ish spicy pickle. The larger-than-average veggie-man was leaning against a post and casually waving a sign advertising the eatery. (Take a moment to examine the picture. It’s just not something your brain is wired to expect.)

We’ve all seen sign spinners. They’re street advertisers—some of the more talented ones wiggle, jiggle and juggle the signs to get your attention. And I recently covered a story about nearly nude models wearing sandwich boards to get noticed on the street. It was called a throwback to the earliest days of social networking.

And then along comes Spicy Pickle Man. I checked my calendar.

Nope, the costumed revelry that is Comic-Con doesn’t starts until July 23. Could there be an under-publicized Veggie-Con going on at the convention center?

Negative, reports Spicy Pickle manager James Flores. Spicy Pickle Man is an employee who premiered the pickle suit on
Wednesday and helped account for a five percent spike in lunch business.

A sweet dill, indeed.

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