Imitation Ink: Not Just for Skin

From your wardrobe to your walls, tattoos can go anywhere.

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Beep Art
If you love the look of tattoos but can't commit to having one on your skin, offer up your walls instead with this (temporary) vinyl pinup decal. Beep Art, $65.
Tattooed stockings are a fun way to accessorize basic skirts and dresses. Styles range from colorful "sleeve" styles to stitched fishnets to beige hose that give the illusion of real black ink. Dillard's, $20; Free People, $9.95; Post, $18.
Couture Candy
Classic tattoo symbols of birds, hearts and banners come together in gold vermeil to create a charming, vintage-style pendant. Couture Candy, $153.
Toys R Us
Older girls can carry out their early rebellious streak with the help of Totally Stylin' Tattoo Barbie, complete with temporary tattoos for her and for you.Toys R Us, $23.
Traditional tattoo designs meet classic styling with this slim black cardigan. Steady, $49.
Bergdorf Goodman
Jean Paul Gaultier's tattoo tank dress gives a nod to traditional Japanese full-body art. Bergdorf Goodman, $595.
Henna designs add interest and artwork to this hoodie by Yellowman. Athleta, $110.
My Baby Rocks
Some babies have more than enough attitude to rock a tattoo, even if it's just on their onesie. My Baby Rocks, $49.95 for a set of four.
A photo album with tattoo-inspired artwork adds an extra sense of permanence to your memories. Leatherwerks, $24.
Kikko Soapworks
Tribal tattoos inspire the swirling designs in these clay soaps scented with an oriental blend of ylang ylang, sweet orange, patchouli, howeed, clove bud, black pepper and benzoin. Kikko Soapworks, $5.50 each.
Beep Art
Put the "hard" in your hard day's work with a sugar skull decal for your laptop. Beep Art, $18.
Little Angels Jewelry
Sharp-dressed men can hint at their free spirits with Sailor Jerry-style swallow cuff links. Little Angels Jewelry, $12.99.
The Ring Leader
Knuckle up with a set of rings that offer all the wit and wisdom of knuckle tattoos, temporarily. The Ring Leader, $17.95.
Illustrated Ink
Paper dolls get a little more character when they resemble tattoo art and have some ink of their own. Illustrated Ink, $15.
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