Hurry Up and Wait

After dozens of flights were delayed or cancelled Monday, many people found themselves with unexpected extra time in San Diego.

Find Out If a Flight Is Delayed or Cancelled

People faced long lines at check-in at Terminal 1 on Monday morning, but they moved quickly. By 6 a.m., the monitors showed 10 delays and cancellations. 

Marilyn Vogel Malmuth said that getting to Columbus, Ohio, is a must. 

"It's very important for me to be there," Malmuth said. "It's very sad times for our whole family."

Malmuth said that she would not be deterred by delays or cancellations. 
Lindbergh Field spokeswoman Diana Lucero said that as of 9 a.m., there were no problems but added, "that could change throughout the day,"  noting that New York City area airports were beginning to back up.
Malmuth said her son called the airport to check on the flights before bringing her. Lindbergh Field officials advised other travlers to do the same. Bringing a book or iPod might not be a bad idea, either.

Forecasters expect rain for San Diego County to continue through Christmas Eve. Read article here.

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