Huge Heart: Valentine's Week in Oceanside

Whale watching, a bike ride, and that ginormous balloon love-up various happenings around the town.

13 DAYS OF LOVEY-DOVEY: While many places — think restaurants, zoos, hotels, and attractions — will give a day or two to the kissiest occasion on the calendar, there is a town that blocks off a half month, or nearly, to honor the moment. That town has several pluses, including a gorgeous ocean-snug setting, so filling out its schedule with heartsy happenings seems like the obvious course of action. It is Oceanside that we're not so subtly referring to here, and locals made the wise and rose-scented decision in 2016 to celebrate February's biggest day in multiple ways. The name of the multi-day doings? It's Oceanside Valentine's Week, which is actually nearly two weeks, giving Valentine's revelers plenty of time to do all that they'd like to do to mark the emotion-filled festivity. It all begins on...

THURSDAY, FEB. 2, and wraps up on Valentine's Day proper, Tuesday, Feb. 14. The huge, 25-footer of a heart-shaped balloon'll be back, but it won't be confined to just one location. It'll call on several places around Oceanside, a dozen in all, so keep those peepers peeled. Other goings-on include "Sweetheart Skydiving," a bike ride, a "Show the Love" run, tango fun at the Oceanside Museum of Art, a screening of "The Notebook" on the pier, and a host of lodging specials, if you want to nest-down for a few days in the area and savor more than one to-do. If the love holiday doesn't get quite enough love, in your estimation, this could be one route to savoring it for as long as you'd like, in outdoorsy, athletic, art-lovely, movie-nice ways. Yeah, and a traveling heart balloon of enormous size is pretty eye-catching, too.

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