How To: Build with Gingerbread

If you're considering getting out the gingerbread house kit for the family this holiday, consider this advice from an expert.

Tom Adams, instructor at San Diego's Mesa College culinary program, has been making pastries and desserts for decades. In his 8 years teaching students, he's required them to complete a project - baking a gingerbread house. The rules are simple: the entire house needs to be edible, they need to use four basic colors and all the construction needs to be done during class time.

Some of his students stuck with the white cottage, gumdrops and candy cane fences motif. A few however have taken the assignment to extremes. There was the crack house, the surf shack and a brothel in years past. This year, students stretched the boundaries with a pagoda, a treehouse, a slot machine and even a foreclosed home.

Adams suggested there's nothing better than expanding your skillset with a little icing and gingerbread. He should know after all, he's an expert.

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