How Low Can You Go?

Thong jeans turning heads


They were the talk of The Today Show on Friday.  Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford showed off the "Bikini Jeans" -- also known as the "Thong Jeans," which first made headlines in Japan.

On the Web site,, they're described as "jeans that require no underwear."

The jeans designer, Sandra Tanimura of Sanna, told Weird Asia she created the jeans after customers mentioned that had a hard time keeping their low cut jeans up.

"We specialize in making low-rise trousers and our customers wanted them to get even lower. It was very difficult meeting these demands without the trousers falling down. I came up with the idea of using the bikini strings to let the trousers hang really low without falling,” she added.

According to Kotb and Gifford, some girls who were on set are a size zero and tried them on -- but couldn't zip them up.

The jeans cost $84 acccording to the Web site Sanna's Shop.

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