Rescued Horses Return Home

Twenty-five horses, rescued from rising water in the Tijuana River Valley, were returned home Thursday.

Dozens of people and horses were rescued from rising water near Saturn Avenue Wednesday. For several horses, help got there too late.

Animal control, police officers, firefighters and lifeguards tried to save as many horses as they could, but water moved too fast for some horses stuck in stalls. Three horses drowned. One additional horse had to be euthanized because it was cut by barbed wire trying to escape the water. 

One driver and his son tried to make their way to their ranch to rescue their horses when their truck got stuck in the mud. Rescuers found them surrounded by water. Both men made it to safety.

On Thursday morning, owners brought their trailers to Rancho Senora Fina on Hollister Avenue where horses were kept overnight. One owner, Wendy Guardalabene appreciates what rescuers did to save her two horses but she's considering moving them to safer ground to avoid future problems during storms.

Ranch owner Martin Juarez said there is damage to the ranch but he doesn't have an estimate. He's just relieved that the animals are safe and is ready to get back to business as usual.

"We do know that both large and small animals were victims of the flood, but between unreported deaths of owned/known animals and bodies that are still undiscovered (buried in mud etc.) it could take some time to get a full assessment of this," said Simran Noon, a spokesperson from the San Diego Humane Society.

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