NBC 7’s Sherene Pistotti Shares Her Golden Globe Picks

The NBC 7 Station Host reveals her predictions for this year's winners.

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Best Motion Picture -- Drama: Zero Dark Thirty
nIt's only fitting that a film about "history's greatest manhunt" gets named best drama. Loaded with action and outstanding performances, Kathryn Bigelow's follow up to the Academy Award-winning Hurt Locker should trounce the competition.
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Actor in a motion picture -- Drama: Daniel Day-Lewis
nHow can you bet against Daniel Day-Lewis? The reclusive actor picks his roles wisely, and his portrayal of Lincoln is a tour de force.
Zero Dark Thirty
Actress in a motion picture – Drama: Jessica Chastain
Chastain gets my nod for her steely eyed performance of Maya, a relentless CIA officer hellbent on capturing Osama Bin Laden in Zero Dark Thirty.
Best motion picture -- Comedy/Musical: Les Misérables
nBeing that everything else in this category is a comedy (none of which got us guffawing), we're going to go with director Tom Hooper's gritty update of Les Misérables. Epic and sprawling, it's the performances that make this musical truly sing.
Actress in a motion picture -- Comedy/Musical: Judi Dench
nWhile she enjoyed a big role in 007 hit Skyfall, Dame Judi Dench stole the show in a much smaller, but no less British picture -- The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.
Actor in a motion picture -- Comedy/Musical: Hugh Jackman
From extreme weight loss to singing through virtually the entire 157 minute-long film, Hugh Jackman's performance in Les Misérables is mesmerizing and a shoe in for a Golden Globe nod.
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Actress in a supporting role: Anne Hathaway
nThough she only graces the screen for some 20 minutes, Hathaway's heart-wrenching portrayal of Fantine is arguably the high point of Les Mis.
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Supporting actor in a motion picture: Tommy Lee Jones
nFrom Leo to Seymour Hoffman, the competition is stacked in the supporting category, but it's Tommy Lee Jones flinty turn as Congressman Thaddeus Stevens in Lincoln that should sway the Hollywood Foreign Press.
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Best Director -- Motion Picture: Kathryn Bigelow
nThough she lost out to ex-husband James Cameron in 2010, there should be no former flame denying Kathryn Bigelow from taking Best Director for the brilliant Zero Dark Thirty.
Best television series -- Drama: Homeland
nAfter taking home six Emmy Awards, Homeland should retain its crown as TV's best drama. Though don't count Breaking Bad out.
Best Television Series -- Comedy/Musical: Girls
nGirls--Lena Dunham's breakout series about a group of 20-something friends sorting their lives out in NYC--might be a bit edgy, but hilarious storylines and performances should win voters over.
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