Holly Golightly Goes Hard

The garage-country duo bring the whole barn on Saturday

Her name may be Holly Golightly, but the British singer/songwriter goes hard. A former garage-rocker with English outfit Thee Headcoatees in the ’90s, Golightly went on to have a prolific solo career while tooling around with other bands, eventually pairing off with the Brokeoffs (which is really just Golightly’s long-time bandmate and partner Lawyer Dave) some 10 years ago. Together Holly Golightly and the Brokeoffs crash the Casbah stage on Saturday, May 17.

The lo-fi lady of 1,000 albums (or, like, 20) added another to her discography in spring, this one the seventh full-length under the Brokeoffs moniker. Recorded at the duo’s home near Athens, Georgia, All Her Fault (which has the best cover art of the year, hands down) unfolds over 12 tracks, giving the very biting storytelling that’s come to be expected of two.

To that end, the show promises to speak to the sweat-pooling weather we’ve been having, with Holly Golightly and the Brokeoffs making anthems out of barn stomps. The duo mix grungy country with garage-blues, giving the impression of smiling, glowing faces and sticky, swaying bodies marching in tune to the plucks of dual guitars that brighten throaty, talk-sing songs. It’s the sound that Golightly and Lawyer Dave -- who strums guitar as he plays drums with just his feet -- have been massaging for years, without much change in style, and proudly so. Come dressed in cotton and prepared to stick to your clothes, because Holly Golightly and the Brokeoffs are sure to bring the South’s heat with them on Saturday.

Holly Golightly & the Brokeoffs play the Casbah on Saturday, May 17, at 8:30 pm, $14, 21+. The Loons, Hong Kong Fuzz open.

Hannah Lott-Schwartz, a San Diego native, recently moved back to the area after working the magazine-publishing scene in Boston. Now she’s straight trolling SD for all the music she missed while away. Want to help? Hit her up with just about anything at all over on Twitter, where -- though not always work-appropriate -- she means well.

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