Holiday Pampering at La Casa del Zorro

Hello, peppermint scalp massage. Hello, Borrego Springs relaxing.

La Casa del Zorro

TO THE DESERT: Much is made about seasonal stress come the end of the year, and for wise reason: We all have a tendency to work ourselves up in a flash. That's not to say that the numerous social obligations and must-dos and commitments don't play an actual toll, because most adults have weathered those things, and how, come November and December. But we're very much the author of how we handle the onslaught, and we tend to write the same sequel over and over again each year: I'm going to freak out this December. Combatting that can involve a few things, including fully unplugging (not really a possibility for most people), changing up every tradition (ditto), or making for somewhere incredibly quiet and peaceful and restorative, preferably with a stark landscape and big sky, the better to declutter eye and mind. The Anza-Borrego offers just that, and La Casa del Zorro is a resort that happens to call Borrego Springs home. The property understands that the holidays arrive with multiple, highly specific stresses, and is introducing a few seasonal spa treatments that serve to remind us that slowing down and taking pleasure in the parade of it all is paramount. Ready to be pepperminted, over-stressers?

THEN GO ZORRO... and book a 50-minute (or more) massage at the resort's Balance Spa and Salon, which arrives with a free peppermint scalp massage (an add-on that's good with any massage you choose). The gratis goodies go on from there, though (just make sure you're securing a treatment that's 50 mintues or more). Book any facial and nab a free pumpkin peel, or pick a pedicure and receive a free chocolate scrub. As for hair services? Balance offers those, too, and you'll receive a deep-conditioning treatment, for free, during the holidays. Nope, this one isn't scented to match the desserts in your holiday kitchen, but that's okay, because we'd kind of want to eat the peppermint atop our head. (Too weird? You can bet everyone who receives delicious-smelling pampering says the same.) These nice add-ons are available in November and December, meaning your desert, I-need-a-stress-break trip is about to get very seasonally scented, indeed. 

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