Heavy Necking

You only thought you knew necklaces.

Nordstrom Braided Chain Necklace

BIBS: Bib necklaces are everywhere right now, and their styles are evolving at light speed. The standard embellished bib like the one from Ranjana Khan can be found in a variety of colors and styles, and and it goes with t-shirts as well as fancy tops. For something more refined, try the bold, gold Lee Angel Jen bib, or the pretty emerald facet bib from Blu Bijoux. If bling isn't your thing, opt for something softer like the greenbeads Berry Silk Bib. For a more casual look, check out the Windsor beaded bib with its matte stripe pattern, or go mutli-culural with the Free People red crystal bib. Finally, for the total hard-edged chick, a graphic bib like the Fallon Arrow version or the Nicole Romano lavender chain fringe gets the message across while staying shiny and pretty.

RIBBONS & BEADS: Beads and ribbons are slowly creeping onto the scene now, but they're looking pretty promising for a full-blown attack next spring. In the meantime, Banana Republic does the look well with a simple beaded ribbon necklace in military blue. Lanvin's metal ribbon choker combines satin with architectural beads for a bold yet wearable look. Ann Taylor opts for a more romantic take by winding ribbon around a string of pearl and rhinestone beads, while Juicy Couture cuts to the chase and just weaves ribbon directly into the chain.

WIDE ANGLES: Go wide with neckwear for substantial style whether you're coming or going. The Fiona Paxton beaded chain necklace combines a Native American pattern with rich copper and slinky chains. The Cairo necklace from Guess by Marciano evokes a hint of Egyptian royalty with its full-bodied block fringe. Anthropologie's Aerial View Necklace incorporates eclectic beading and delicate mutli-strands into deep, gold band. Finally, Burberry's Medium Knot chain necklace takes a single strand of thick gold chain-mail and ties it up for some added interest.

CHUNKY CHAINS: Bigger is better when it comes to chains this season. Kenneth Jay Lane embodies the trend perfectly with this insanely chunky choker. Yves Saint Laurent takes it down a notch while still going large. Torrid adds fun colors to its version, while Jessica Simpson infuses texture and charm into hers.

MIXED MEDIA: If you're having trouble deciding between necklaces, just wear them all. Nordstrom's Braided Chain Necklace combines chains of all different sizes and colors for serious rocker chic. Gemma Redux drips delicate gold and silver chains from big chunks of blue agate for a rich look. The braided Rope and Chain necklace at TopShop adds some subtle Grecian style to your ensemble. Lori Leavitt shuns all tradition by combining pearls, gold, silver and brass tones in one piece. Finally, Free People creates its own shade of metal by spray-painting layers of silver strands to create an artsy splash of style.

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