Head to Toe and Everything in Between

The Head to Toe Women's Expo is back at the Del Mar Fairgrounds through April 19. 

"So much of our lives is spent caretaking everyone in our family, so this is just kind of dedicated to women," said co-founder Rosemarie Gibson. 

You can find everything from health tips to handbags from 180 vendors. Rene Sheldon of Nouveau Healthcare -- a business that promises to erase the lines of time from the inside and out -- has a booth at the show. 

"Well, we chose to do a woman's show," said Sheldon.

She said the $1,360 fee for a corner booth for three days was well worth it.

"Our practice is majority women, and that is where our focus is."

Eva Miranda is here from Florida, and is looking, like many people, for a job. She's choosing not to let the news about the bad economy get her down, and by the looks of the expo, she's not the only one in that frame of mind.

"One would think that people would stop all this," Sheldon said. "We're not having to convince anybody. Our business is just booming!"

As many as 13,000 people are expected over the course of three days.

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