Grape Stompin’ Good Time

Even if you don't get your feet wet, it's still a hoot watching others step into the big, wooden vats and "start stomping" at the annual Grape Stomp at Bernardo Winery.

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Bernardo Winery
Ladies enjoy the grape stomp at last year's Italian festa. This year's event features appetizers, a dinner and delectable red wines.
Bernardo Winery
For the grape stomp, traditional, round, aged oak vats will be filled with freshly picked grapes. Guests will stomp the grapes to lively Italian music, surrounded by dancers
Bernardo Winery
Guests at last year's Grape Stomp enjoyed Italian song and dance, and good food and wine at the annual festa.
Bernardo Winery
Guests enjoy a good stomp in the vat filled with freshly picked grapes ripe for the crush. This year, the event is at the Bernardo Winery Sept. 13.
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