Golden Local: Best Dog Beach

Mario Lopez

The dog beach in Ocean Beach may just be the equivalent of Disneyland for your dog.

For January's Golden Local debate, NBCSanDiego asked locals to vote for their favorite dog beach -- Coronado or Ocean Beach.

The people chose Ocean Beach.

"Greatest place in the world," Kevin Jones said, "You let them off the leash and they can run, it's just beautiful."

The beach was called “Disneyland for your dog” by one fan. It is leash free and offers a nice big area of sand to roll around in or play fetch. Residents said the beach is clean, the dogs are friendly and it is a perfect place to take a stoll. There are also two water areas providing a little variety. One has waves for the vets and one is calm for those pups who haven’t dipped their paws in the sea just yet. 

"We have a small dog," Justin Knight said, "the water is real calm so she can feel free to jump in without feeling like she is going to get taken away." 

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