“Glee” Is for the Cool Kids

What's a show about a high school glee club doing at a place like Comic-Con? The answer: Because it's cool. 

Fox hopes to capture a bit of America's love affair with musicals by airing "Glee." However, "High School Musical" this is not. These kids are edgier, funnier and meaner and much more real than the kids who run around on Disney's hit movie.

The premise here is this, a high school teacher (Matthew Morrison) and former glee clubber hopes to revive his school's spirit by reviving the Glee Club. In this club is the classic snapshot of high school life: the jock (Cory Monteith), the overachiever (Broadway star lea Michele), the gay guy (Chris Colfer), the virginal cheerleader (Dianna Argon), the sassy black diva (Amber Riley), the edgy girl (Jenna Ushkowitz) and the handicapped kid (Kevin McHale) are part of the Glee Club no one wants.

Meanwhile, the glee club advisor has his own problems with his foe -- the cheerleading coach (Jane Lynch) -- who's looking for away to dismantle the club.

Ryan Murphy, creator of “Nip/Tuck" takes what he learns and creates a group of flawed characters that you want to root for. But the biggest attraction about "Glee" is the music.

Collin Sapera, 19, a student at UCLA says that's what attracted him. "I like that it's fun and the music is good."

He's not kidding with that because the kids in the club can sing anything ranging from Journey's "Don't Stop Believing" (which hit No. 1 on Itunes) to "Gold Digger" by Kanye West.

At Comic-Con, the audience was treated to a sneak peek of the Sept. 16 premiere. If you loved the pilot that aired in the spring after "American Idol", the second episode will have you doubling over with laughter. So if you missed the pilot, catch it on Hulu and then join the "Glee" club because all the cool kids will be there.


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