Gimme Five

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Christian Louboutin

SEEING RED: Celebrities flaunt them, J. Lo sang about them and now you can win five pairs of today's most coveted heels: Christian Louboutins.

Splendora is giving away five pairs of Louboutins in their 'One Girl. Five Pairs.' giveaway. Simply give them your email address and you're in it to win it. Increase your odds of winning by listing your girlfriends' email addresses as well.

The semi-catch here is that the five pairs of Louboutins will be chosen by Splendora's Content Chief, Gina Pell. Likewise, the odds are low that any flats will be involved, so you better love heels. Either way, if the shoes you end up scoring aren't your cup of tea, you've always got eBay, right?

GET IT: Free through May 1st. Splendora.

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