Invasion of the Green Monsters

Girl Scouts kick off cookie sales drive with zoo celebration


Thin Mints. Do-si-dos. Shortbread. Everyone has a favorite Girl Scout Cookie. And this year a new cookie will be added to the list: Dulce de Leche.

The Girl Scouts of America will begin their annual sales Jan. 31. About 6,000 scouts gathered at the San Diego Zoo on Sunday for a ''Cookie Kickoff Celebration."

The event included a pep rally, games, and activities that included a mock door-to-door sales pitch.  Makayla Soto, of Troop 6214 in La Mesa, said she has her pitch down.

"My goal is to sell 800 boxes," said Soto.

"They're raising money for their troops, and our council, and in the process they're learning how to be leaders, how to be entrepeneurs, how to set goals," said Solveig Deuprey of the San Diego Imperial Council.

15,000 San Diego Girl Scouts will begin taking orders on Jan.31, with delivery for pre-ordered cookies schedule Mar. 7-8.

Each cookie box will cost $4 .The popular peanut butter cookies are not affected by the nation wide salmonella outbreak, according to the organization.

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