Get a Free Friend!

If money was keeping you from adopting a new pet, find another excuse.

Saturday is "Change a Pet's Life Day".  Dogs and cats all over the country are up for adoption, and there's no cost to the first few new parents.

Here in San Diego, you can adopt your new pet at the County of San Diego Department of Animal Services at 5480 Gaines Street.

Hills Science Diet will cover the adoption fees for the first ten pets adopted.  Pet lovers eager to open their hearts and homes to a shelter pet will also receive a starter kit that includes free Science Diet pet food and tips to give their adopted cat or dog the best start in their new life.

A complete list of participating shelters across the country can be found by visiting

San Diego residents who are unable to adopt a pet can also get involved and help transform the life of a cat or dog by visiting for the chance to have $5,000 donated in your name to a shelter of your choice.

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