Gardens + Goodies: Sweet Encinitas Fest

The day-before-Mother's-Day festival, built around chocolate, returns to SDBG.

THAT CHOCOLATE BOX... from Valentine's Day? It became undeniably, can't-quibble-about-it empty at exactly 8:04 a.m. on Feb. 15. The caramel cocoa eggs from Easter? They actually didn't make it to Easter, because a certain bunny's helper — that would be you — devoured them days ahead of the holiday. In short, our springtime chocolate stashes are waning, if not entirely gone, and locating other goodies of the luscious, candy-flavorful variety is often the order of the day in early May. True, Mother's Day delivers many chances to devour chocolates, but there's a special spot that honors Mother's Day Eve each year with a tasting-filled Chocolate Festival. That special spot happens to be in Encinitas, and if you just called out "San Diego Botanic Garden," you're right on the bunny, er, money. So sob no longer over your missing Easter chocolate, and sigh not over your long-ago-eaten Valentine's Day treats, and be at SDBG on...

SATURDAY, MAY 12: Admission to the gardens gets you into the festival, but if you want to snack around the sweet area, you'll want to keep a fan of dollar bills at the ready (it's a buck a tasting ticket). Some of the delicious yummies'll be one ticket, some two or three, so know that before beginning your chocolate-focused stroll. Set to show up in 2018 for the 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. event? Cakies Creations, Mother Tucker's Toffee, So Rich Chocolates, and Oddball Candy Company, as well as several others, will be around the grounds. It's an ideal pre-Mother's Day to-do, especially if your mommy also loves an awesome springtime garden saunter, which she can also have, with you at her side, while there. Sweet, shrubs, and sunshine? Sounds like the perfect holiday weekend Saturday at the San Diego Botanic Garden.

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