Game of the Week: Scripps Ranch vs. Escondido

In this Game of The Week, the Scripps Ranch Falcons will take on the Escondido Cougars.

What makes this week’s match up even more exciting is that Escondido High School will be using its new football stadium.

The Scripps Ranch athletic program is just one of many sources of pride for the Falcons.

The principal says the school is first in average daily attendance in the district, first in passing advanced placement exams and is celebrating top API scores in the district.

"When I think about what makes us a strong school. We have an amazing student body,” said Brady Kelso, who teaches 10th grade English. “We have students that have been really successful over the years and it's the kind of success that breeds success."

Scripps Ranch also received the "California Most Distinguished School" award in 2009 and has four National Merit Semi-Finalists.

Teachers say it's a synergy between the students, faculty, administration and community that have helped contribute to the powerful teaching and learning that goes on at Scripps Ranch High School.

Scripps Ranch is also one of four high schools in the district teaching Japanese to students. They're encouraged to bring their interests in the Japanese culture or media. into the classroom.

"I would say that at Scripps Ranch, my students are some of the best,” said SRHS Japanese teacher, Alex Blackwelder.

Science teacher Patty Fowler said, “They're willing to work, put in the effort and they love the fact that they've actually learned something.”

The school also holds a list of titles in a variety of athletic events and the Falcon football team is hoping to bring it on the field against Escondido.

For more than a decade, Escondido High School faculty, staff, boosters, alum and students worked to raise money to build the new football field where Friday night’s game will take place.

“In the 90's, for P.E. they used to come out here dig ditches and pick up rocks as part of their way to build this stadium. You look now 15 years later and it's beautiful,” said Otto Lange, Escondido HS ASB President.

The new stadium includes a press box, an all-weather track and a new Bermuda field. It’s just one aspect of the school's renovation.

Several classrooms were also added on campus including a photography lab.

Aside from having track meets and soccer games for Escondido High School students, Palomar College also uses the field for its football games.

A huge source of pride for the school is its alumnae.

Teachers here say the school has a strong sense of community and a tradition of giving back.

Several former athletes who graduated years back volunteer at the school-and it's a similar situation with the teachers.

“We have quite a few teachers that are graduates of Escondido High School. That's just a culture that's bred, it's taught and that's something that we're really proud of,” said Steve Bridges, the school’s athletic director.

The Friday night game against Scripps Ranch starts at 7 p.m. at Escondido High School.

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