Gaga Makes Boo Boo

Hey Lady, San Diego is not San Jose.

The Monster Ball tour is apparently taking its toll on Lady Gaga. The outrageous singer known for her eclectic style was in San Diego Saturday night performing at the Sports Arena -- which was news to her.

"She said San Jose for the first 20 minutes or so," Pacific Beach resident Christine Knutzen said.

Twitter was all a flutter after Gaga was a little off base with her geography. Okay, she was more than 400 miles off base.

Lady Gaga just said "hi San Jose." Ummm we are in San Diego,” Star 94.1 radio personality Geena the Latina tweeted.

And the slips kept coming.

“The count is 8. The number of times Gaga said San Jose instead of San Diego,” Star 94.1 radio personality Hula tweeted.

“The count is up to like 10! People are booing her now!” Geena the Latina tweeted.

Gaga headed off stage for a minute and when she returned she was a little more informed.

“She said something like, 'I'm sorry, right before the concert someone told me we weren't in San Diego. And then she said, I love my fans, I'm sorry’,” Knutzen said.

And on went the show.

"It was really good, minus the whole San Jose thing. It didn't really bother me. She did correct it," Knutzen said.

The singer is scheduled to play in Los Angeles next. Someone might want to let her know.

Lady Gaga Gets It Wrong
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