Furlough Fridays Coming to a DMV Near You

AAA hopes to save members from wait at DMV

Anyone who has ever been to the DMV knows what a miserable experience it can be to wait in long lines, fill out fields of forms, and what’s worse, there are no seats to wait in. Starting Friday going to the DMV will become an even more exasperating experience.
Most California government offices, including the DMV, will be closed three Fridays a month starting this week. The closures are a part of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s “Furlough Friday" plan, which aims to balance California’s $26.3 billion deficit.
The closures will undoubtedly make the DMV even more crowded on the days it is open. But never fear, the American Automobile Association is here to help save members from the pain of the DMV.
AAA offers full DMV services to its members Monday through Friday.
“We have the staff to do it and are very glad to service our members,” said AAA spokesperson Cynthia Harris.
AAA hopes offering these services will help combat the stress the DMV will receive from the closures. To find the AAA office nearest to you visit their Web site.

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