Fruity Yelps

Whether it's treating yourself to a spa day, enjoying an all-day marathon of "The Hills" with Heidi and Spencer or snorting Pixie Sticks with your old sorority sisters on a Friday night, the old saying "you can never get too much of a good thing" quickly comes to mind, our friends at report.

The same rings true when diving headfirst into a glorious bowl of tropical fruit topped with honey, sugar and butterfly kisses.

It's arguable that nobody does SoCal fruits quite like our local Mexican farmers ... and it's evident by Karen L's recent religious experience at Señor Mango's in North Park: "After scouring the city for a noncorporate fruit bar, I found this hidden gem 1.5 miles from my house. It's as if God heard my prayers and magically built this quirky abode and filled it up with never-ending luscious fruits!" Dylan O gets a similar rise out of Patty's Fruitland, revealing, "I work a block away, and my anticipation always builds when lunch break nears." Her fresh juices and heaping fruit salads are as authentic as it gets!

Think flashbacks are only reserved for those who experienced Feedom Rock and one too many Electric Kool-Aid Acid Tests? Think again! Vanessa T returned to her childhood roots after dipping into Nature's Ambrosia, sharing, "These are the kind of fruit salads I'd beg my parents to buy me from a street-corner fruteria growing up in Tijuana. The strawberries, cantaloupe, watermelon and oranges, topped with cottage cheese, raisins, granola, bee pollen and honey are that good!" Meanwhile, Chris P gave up chocolate in favor of fresh fruit at Tropical Blendz some time ago, and shares: "When I look in the mirror now, I can actually see two abs forming out of the chub!" Lipozene, who?

Prefer the Oprah-approved magical berry, acai? Go west, young yelper, to The Big Squeeze in PB for what Kelli P calls "the best acai bowl I've ever had in my life!" And if you're the kind who believes size matters, join Noly T at OB Smoothie Bar & Subs, where "the acai bowls are huge-mongous! It took me all morning to finish mine ... and the best part was, I wanted to finish the whole thing!" That's what she said.

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