Free Spring Tradition: Julian Wildflower Show

The indoor display has been a town staple for over 90 years.

FOR THOSE WHO LOVE WILDFLOWERS, the annual search for remote spreads can provide all sorts of intrigue and entertainment. Perhaps one weekend you receive the happy word that a desert canyon is filled with glorious gold fields. And then? You hear of another area, several miles away, where grape soda lupine buds are popping up with purple-amazing tenacity. Soon, so many reports are coming in all at once, and you're not sure how to choose your next destination. It's not frustrating, though, this particular feeling. Rather, you feel rather glad to call California home, a place that can serve up a rich wildflower bloom each year, depending upon the weather and other factors. Where, though, might you go to see a whole line-up of flowers, with different petals, hues, shapes, and make-ups? The answer is to find your way to Julian over the first weekend of May 2018. This is a more unusual wildflower-viewing experience, and quite historical, and it is presented inside from May 4 through 6.

YES, THE WILDFLOWERS ARE INDOORS, at Julian Town Hall, which provides quite the unusual and interesting viewing experience. It's the Julian Wildflower Show, an annual presentation from the Julian Woman's Club. Club members "... spend two days gathering wildflowers from five plant zones," and, yes, they do receive the landowners' okay to do so. The result? A veritable bouquet of different blooms, which provide joy to the eyes but also knowledge on what grows around the verdant mountain valley area. The club states that there are "855 species of plants within 25 miles of town," so wildflower mavens, prepare to see bunches of flowery wonders, to learn about them, and to enjoy a Julian springtime tradition. After all, the Julian Wildflower Show is going to mark its centennial in less than a decade, making it a seasonal must for those who love the historic destination and its dedication to preserving both its past and loving upon the nature that fills and surrounds it.

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