Free: La Jolla Art & Wine Festival

It's a breezy weekend full of watercolors, snacky bites, and sunshine.

Stephen Simpson

FORGOING "THE LAST GASP": It's right around the middle of October when Californians are frequently implored to get out and enjoy "the last gasp of summer," before cooler temps and rainy skies and possible El Niño conditions set in. We Golden Staters, especially those of us around Southern California, often cock an eyebrow at this suggestion. It just seems like summer goes on and on, especially when temperatures flirt with the 90s and hit three-digit levels in the desert. But the calendar tells the story: The middle of October truly is when that summery feeling begins to wind down and leaves start to show a little color here and there. We're lucky, then, that in the "last gasp" department there is something that's going to give us a delightful dose of that summer-style fun and strolling and eating and sipping, all over one particularly warm weekend. We speak of the La Jolla Art & Wine Festival, one of the town's largest culture-plus-cuisine affairs, and one that's especially well-timed. The weather on Saturday, Oct. 10 and Sunday, Oct. 11 looks to be beyond perfect, if your definition of "beyond perfect" means donning a sundress and sandals and playing like it is July rather than a few weeks into fall.

"150 JURIED ARTISTS"... will display their works -- paintings, photos, jewelry, pottery, everything -- in row after row, which gives we strollers ample chance to pause, admire, chat, and perhaps buy. The "wine" in the name of the happening is quite serious, as evidenced by the over 40 local vineyards that are expected. But there's a beer component, too, and a crafty confab later in the evening on Saturday, Oct. 10. Nice things: It is free to attend, though, of course, have some cashola if you want art or beer or wine or eats. Also nice: Public schools in the region are the beneficiaries of this bash, so being there and lending some support to an artist or winemaker means your support ripples on. It's lucky year 7 for the festival, and perhaps the lucky summer-style weather is staying so nice because of the good lucky vibe surrounding the party. Where is all of this strolling/art/vino goodness? Why smack dab in the middle of La Jolla Village. P.S. Those beachy breezes come complimentary, too. 

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