Flying Flags Along I-5

Marine veterans ask for help to put up 1,000 along I-5 on Labor Day

Flying a flag on Labor Day doesn’t sound all that controversial. Flying 1,000 flags along Interstate 5 in Oceanside, now that could stir things up.

The idea isn’t new. In 2006, a group called the 1st Marine Division Association wanted to fly about 350 American Flags along a 16-mile stretch of I-5 on Veterans Day. Cal Trans said no.

Officials allegedly told the veterans group that “if we allow you to do it, then we have to let Saddam Hussein do it,” according to retired Col. Len Hayes, the association’s executive director. Hayes spoke to the U.S. Marines Corps Times about this year’s plans.

In 2006, organizers asked Camp Pendleton to let them use base land to erect the flags. The flags will fly again on Labor Day 2009 but this time, the project will be bigger.

In partnership with the California Honor Run, the organization’s first cross-country motorcycle ride, they will fly 1,000 3' x 5' American Flags along the Interstate 5 Freeway just inside the fence line of Marine Corps Base, Camp Pendleton.

The flags will be clearly visible from Interstate 5, organizers promise on their website.

The group needs financial support, asking for donations of $20.00 to sponsor one flag. For an additional $6.95, they will ship one of those Camp Pendleton flags to you after they are flown.


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