FLUXX Revealed: Take a Peek Inside


The next generation of San Diego’s nightlife scene debuted Friday when FLUXX opened its doors for the first time.

The club's opening was one of San Diego's most anticipated nightlife events of the year.  Those who came out danced the night away to DJ Cobra and sneaked a peek at a performance from Zen Artists, both from Los Angeles.
The club, , located on 4th and Island, boasts a ton of playful elements, among them -- a house which doubled as a dancing stage, bottle service workers who donned cat suits and a back bar composed of glass that looks like candy.
“The whole vibe here is just about having fun, feeling like a kid and having a blast,” Davis Krumins said, club designer said. Krumins is the creative force behind other hot spots such as Hollywood’s the Kress, as well as San Diego’s Stingaree and Side Bar

 “Everything is almost like you’re a kid, there’s a lot of toyish sort of stuff,” Krumins said.

 While the club just opened, don’t expect the experience to remain static -- the club’s name suggests a dynamic nature.
“You know we came up with this name based on the dictionary definition, a state of constant change,” Dave Renzella, one of the club’s managers said. “So what we’re basically doing is creating a club of constant change.”
Renzella noted that during April and beyond, theme changes will occur, including subtle changes to the décor, dancer and bartender uniforms. Renzella also said that club goers could look forward to interactive entertainment as well as giveaways to keep the club experience interesting.
“Always something different when you come in, never know what to expect,” Renzella said.
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