Finding the Perfect Scent

If you’re considering buying cologne or perfume for someone special this holiday and are stuck on a fragrance, consider this advice from one blogger:  “Perfume is an extension and reflection of your personality; it should be worn to seduce oneself. Everything else will follow.”

Her advice includes:

  • Find out what scents your “significant other” likes before heading to the fragrance counter. This can be done as a game in the car or in between commercials.
  • Read up on fragrances: "what notes do they feature, and to which family of fragrances do they belong." She suggests the Fragrance Foundation Directory and Osmoz as resources for tracking down this information.
  • Sample as much as possible and try to focus on the scent, rather than packaging, designer name or brand.

Another blogger suggests offering a sample of scents so your loved one can select the one that's right for him/her (versuses buying an entire bottle.) This can be done through eBay or an online retailer like The Perfumed Court.

Looking for a man? Here's an analysis of some of the newest scents for men.

To quote one of the experts, "Like Barbies, there are no rules in perfume."

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