Find Your PhD BFF

Along the lines of Myspace and Facebook comes MySDscience -- the new social networking space for San Diegans who really are molecular biologists or rocket scientists. 

MySDscience already has nearly 1,900 members, with a few more joining every day. They're working scientists, along with business professionals, academics and students in the sciences, and anyone else interested in science. Membership is free.

The site was launched in June to help publicize the 2009 San Diego Science Festival, an event or series of events intended to be the biggest celebration of science in San Diego's history.

Members include those well-recognized in the local science community, such as venture capitalist and biotech entrepreneur Ivor Royston, UCSD nanoscience researcher Ivan K. Schuller and prominent stem cell researcher Jeanne Loring of The Scripps Research Institute.

To learn more about the site’s founders and its features, check out the article at the North County Times.

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