Father's Day Luxe: The Bourbon Foot Treatment

The Spa at the Inn at Rancho Santa Fe has a special deal for your main man.

PARENTAL-STYLE CHILLAXING: You only need to visit a greeting card aisle at any local drugstore come June to discover some of the long-standing tropes of Father's Day. Golf clubs and neckties and sports cars are frequently seen gracing the fronts of the cards, and spas, too. Wait, that's not exactly right; it's actually pretty hard to find anything to do with a spa on a Father's Day card, be it a fluffy robe or soaking tub or foot rub. Why is this? Men are regular spa patrons, of course, and they seek out scrubs and foot rubs and massages, both on vacation and while at home. So, greeting card companies? You might start adding eucalyptus soaks and soft slippers to the front of Father's Day cards, just to up the accuracy.

BUT WHAT OF... Father's Day spa packages come the third Sunday in June? They absolutely exist, they're often excellent, and the Spa at The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe has a bourbon-perfect one on for the entire month of June. Upshot? They're doing a 65-minute Bourbon Foot Treatment and Bourbon Cocktail to boot, just in time for Father's Day. Hello. Cost? Sixty five bucks. Lots of dads would be lined up for this treat. (Again, greeting card companies, this would be a great thing to put on the fronts of Father's Day cards.)

THE INN AT RANCHO SANTA FE... is also honoring the holiday itself with a swank Father's Day dinner at Morada on Sunday, June 15. Beef tenderloin, grilled Baja prawns, and other goodies are on the plate, and the cost? Fifty buck for an adult, twenty dollars for kids ages 4 to 12. Maybe meet Dad there, after his foot treatment, for a little holiday sustenance and cheer?

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