Richie Incognito Continues to Endear Himself to St. Louis Fans

Matt Snyder

by Matt Snyder

Leading up to a home game against the close-in-distance Chicago Bears, Richie Incognito fired a few pre-emptive words at St. Louis Rams fans. You know, the same fans who are watching an absolutely pathetic attempt at fielding a professional football team right now.

During the game, the Rams were booed a bit, but it wasn't overly obnoxious, for the most part, and it wasn't nearly as much as the team deserved, really. Incognito and his mates on the offensive line paved the way for 14 rushing yards on 19 attempts. They also allowed the Bears to notch five sacks, which is more than they had in the previous five games combined. Incognito himself even found time -- in the midst of being abused by Tommie Harris -- to throw in a false start penalty to boot.

So I guess, considering it was just last week that he said they needed to play better, that Incognito felt like the scattered boos were deserved? Um, not really.

Before stepping into the tunnel, Incognito cupped his hands to his ears, apparently egging on angry Rams fans to spew more venom his way.

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