Rafael Furcal Rumor Mill Galore: Ned Colletti Says the Dodgers Are Still Talking to Him

Remember that whole business (an hour or so ago) about Rafael Furcal signing with the Braves? Well, Ned Colletti isn't trying to hear any of it. No sir, everyone's favorite for Executive of the Century is too busy trying to negotiate a deal with Furcal's agent.


"We're still in conversations with them," Colletti said Tuesday. "There's a certain level we're not going past. We aren't aware of other deals."

"I don't have a feel for whether to be optimistic or not," Colletti said. "I just know we're still talking. They assured us it's not a done deal."

Well it's "not a done deal" until Raffy takes a physical, so I suppose there's just a possibility that everyone's having a little behind-the-scenes giggle fest at Neddy's expense based solely on semantics.

But the reality is that it sure would be strange for this deal to be reported on so many national levels (FOX) and then have it be so totally flubbed. But Furcal's agent is saying the same thing, so maybe it's not just some case of Neddles being totally slow.

"We're still talking," Paul Kinzer said. "We haven't signed anything or come to an agreement. I told Furcal [Monday night] to sleep on it. I didn't want him to make an emotional decision."

it's an odd scenario indeed, only made all the stranger by the fact that Sportscenter reported Furcal was "taking less money" to come home to the Braves. Oh yeah, and the fact that this looks like a blatant attempt by Frank Wren to go after Jake Peavy, but it's going to be hard to actually pull that off if he doesn't sign. Obviously, more detail on this is going to pop soon, but if I've got to lay down cash, I'll take "MAX" on "Ned Colletti being wrong", please.

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