Orlando Pace Hurt, Rams Pathetic Offense to Get Worse

Matt Snyder

by Matt Snyder

I've already covered the past two embarrassing displaysby the Rams. Well, things are about to get worse. Orlando Pace, the sturdy offensive tackle who held down the line through the Rams mini-dynasty in the NFC West, may have a torn MCL. He'll be out for a month if MRI test confirm a tear this week. I found this quote particularly hilarious from the big fella concerning a possible tear in that specific ligament.

"I had one in '01 and went to the Super Bowl championship game, but I think this is a little bit different than that."

Yeah, just a tad bit different. I'm picturing one of those balancing scales you use in middle school science classes. On one side is a Super Bowl team, and on the other is the 2008 Rams. How broken is that scale?

This isn't anything new for Pace or the Rams, really.

From 1999 through the 2005 season, Pace made seven consecutive Pro Bowls. But including Sunday's game, he has played in only 18 of 42 contests since the start of the 2006 season because of shoulder, triceps, thigh and concussion injuries.

Just because they are used to it doesn't make things easier for the Rams. They face what will be a very infuriated Bears defensive front in Week 12. They'll need all the blocking help they can get.

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