LaDainian Tomlinson Revises Stance on Trade Talks, Calls Them ‘Ridiculous'

The LaDainian Tomlinson saga in San Diego is quickly becoming one of the more prevelant themes of an NFL offseason ... that hasn't even begun yet.

But we are talking about LdT, and when someone of his stature is suddenly rumored to be on the trade block, only to ignore said trade rumors -- which comes just before the team and the San Diego media further the notion that he might have played his last game with the Chargers, well, it becomes kind of a big deal.

Tomlinson has, since the latest reports that Ryan mentioned Wednesday, changed his stance too. He's no longer pretending to not hear people talking; now he's calling the rumors "ridiculous."

"I think it's ridiculous to be talking about trade and me not being here, that's just my personal opinion. I know every team has a right to make trades and all this stuff, but I just think it's ridiculous to be talking about this, to have this stuff in the media when this could be handled behind closed doors and in a professional way. Now I have people calling me, talking about this all the time; this has become a big story and I don't want this."

That seems like a pretty valid approach for a lock-job Hall of Famer, no? But A.J. Smith also has a pretty solid point as well: this is football, and talking about trading a player is never ridiculous.

"[Discussing Tomlinson's future] may be stunning to people, but as the GM here -- where I told you I would pass his name a few years ago -- it will be discussed heavily. I think it's valid; I don't think it's ridiculous. I think it's important at this point in time, as unreasonable as that may sound to many people or to you, I think it's a sound football decision."

Smith has to say that. Coming out and telling anyone/everyone that Tomlinson "won't be traded" is silly, irrational and patently false. Everyone is available for trade if the price is right. For his part, LdT also told SI that Norv Turner confirmed the silliness of the rumors and that owner Dean Spanos made it appear as if his return was certain.

And maybe it is -- the Chargers aren't going to get the type of draft pick in return that would land them a future stud and Darren Sproles, in both the opinion of Smith and me, is not an every down type of back. But that doesn't mean they can't at least talk to people about what they could get for Tomlinson.

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