Jay Cutler Denies Chargers Are ‘For Real,' Calls Out Broncos' Defense

Will Brinson

by Will Brinson

The Chargers and Broncos -- and to be more specific, Jay Cutler and Philip Rivers -- have a pretty heated rivalry that extends back a few years. And even if San Diego is dominating on the field, there's still puh-lenty of trash talk to go around.

So, given the frustration of having the Chargers make he and his team look like a total choker this year, it's not surprising that Cutler had some spicy words for his opponents after Sunday night's game. It's a little more surprising that he would call out his own team too, but, hey, he's got an arm that's better than Elway!

Cutler stopped to answer an unambiguous question: Was it fair to conclude that the team he just played is for real?

"These guys?" the Pro Bowl quarterback asked, gesturing to the players celebrating behind him. "San Diego? No, I don't think so. I think Indy'll handle 'em pretty good. We really can't stop anybody, and that's the bottom line."

Ro-wr. It might be an accurate assessment, given the not-so, um, competitive nature of the AFC West this year, but still, it doesn't really behoove Cutler to try and sling barbs at a team that just finished slapping him around in a division-clinching, prime-time game.

Additionally, the Chargers, as has been mentioned plenty of places, match up pretty well with the Colts, so should there be a repeat of last year's playoff matchup (Chargers beat Colts, obv), you better believe Rivers will have something to say back at old Jay.

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