Hindsight Is 20/20 Thought to Ponder: What if the Chargers Had Traded LDT Before 2008?

LaDanian Tomlinson Michael Turner

And Adam Schefter has an interesting proposition regarding the two running backs in his NFL.com blog today.

But last off-season, before free agency began, the Chargers should have considered trading running back LaDainian Tomlinson. Not only should they have considered it, they should have entertained offers.

Think about how much further along the franchise would be for this season and future ones.

Had San Diego traded Tomlinson, it could have gotten back multiple draft picks. And had Tomlinson been traded, then San Diego could have used the money it pays him to re-sign free-agent running back Michael Turner.

Look, I think Schefter is one of the best writers in the business, and yes, that's an interesting offer, but come on -- no one saw this season playing out like it has for the two teams and the two players. And this isn't to take away from Turner's season, which has been fantastic, but the Burner has racked up on some weak rush defenses this year -- 220 against Detroit and another 260 against Green Bay and Oakland.

Also, as Schefter's season comparison shows, they're tied in terms of yards from scrimmage for the season, and while LDT has always been a running back first, he is well known for his versatility coupled with a reasonably low number of touches.

All of this, of course, isn't touching on the fact that you simply don't trade the a lockjob Hall of Famer who has played for the same team over the course of his career and so fully represents a franchise like Tomlinson. (Yes, that would be the "controversial" part, but you can't just ignore the "not ____ing on your fanbase" factor" in trades like these, I'm sorry.)

But, whatever. Look -- I can't justify the season the Chargers and Tomlinson are having (even if it is partially justifiable) and I can't put down the Falcons anymore, but I don't think anyone makes this trade without the help of a Magic 8-Ball and that things wrong more often than A.J. Smith anyway.

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