FanHouse in the Stands: This Guy Needs to Turn in His Man Card

Stephanie Stradley

by Stephanie Stradley

FanHouse in the Stands ."

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Why would someone wear a David Carr PANTHERS jersey to a Houston Texans game against the Titans?

How did such a jersey even exist? Mister Mittens lost his starting job with the Panthers to Vinny Freaking Testaverde, a guy who wasn't in camp with the team and didn't know the names of the guys he was playing with when he took over the offense. Matt Moore, a rookie from Oregon State got on the field over Carr.

Did the Panther Mittens guy lose a bet? If he loves the man so much, why not rock a Carr Giants jersey? Does this guy want someone to *accidentally" spill a big plate of nachos on him? Because I can't think of any jersey you could wear to a Texans game that would cause more abuse being flung your way.

Anyhow, I felt compelled to put together a photoshop essay to share my thoughts on this. Enjoy....

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